is a high-end medical agent company for prestige clients. We provide medical service, tour service, chauffeur & Hotel service for clients` satisfaction. Our clients will experience unparalleled surgeons with incomparable care.

Why Korea?

Korea has done more plastic surgery than any other country in the world. Korea has the most advanced and experienced plastic surgeons in the world. We have clients from all over the world (Thailand, China, Vietnam, UK, Australia). Korean plastic surgery is known as the World's best. We provide the best results in a best environment. Our doctors are fully qualified and most experienced in this industry. Korea is safe and friendly place for foreigners for their treatments and recovery. 


Why head to toes?


We have systems that are not available in other companies, such as visa issuance, reasonable fees, and tax refunds, all for transparent and legitimate transactions.


We have sourced most qualified and trustworthy surgeons in Korea. We are serving our clients while prioritizing the clients` satisfaction. Promise the best, most natural result and the safest possible procedures. The Best surgeons of the best in Korea to our clients. 

We are the most trustworthy agent in Korea.


Our main service is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is typically done to improve one`s appearance. However, there are more benefits post procedure. Self confidence, Physical health, More Opportunities, Overall well being…

The cost of the procedure can be thought of as an investment for the future. Especially when one's appearance is improved, it will help them obtaining a job or promotion. We have the best plastic surgeons' network and also provide areas like medical examination,  hair transplants, skin rejuvenation, cosmetic dental.